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Woot My First Submition Woot My First Submition

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

dont make flash when your bored.

The purpose to make a flash is when you feel a fire in your belly when making it, feel inspired basically. When you make a flash out of boredom, It can tend to be a very sloppy, truck-on-ice disaster. Before posting on newgrounds, think to yourself, Is this flash good enough for the community? Is it worth posting? If you answer no to either one or both, don't post. It will save you from a lot of mean words from the community. Next time around, try and take your time when making a creation, think things through, and most of all, don't rush. Another thing is that the flash portal is not for test animations, its for full completed content. One more thing, be original, that will please most people here. Have a good day.

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ShimmyShimmy GoGo ShimmyShimmy GoGo

Rated 2 / 5 stars

not what I expected

The reason to make flash games/movies is not to feel bored making them, rather feel inspired by something to make them. I suggest not misleading your viewers with your animation icon of mario and luigi, otherwise I'd brace myself for harsh comments. Other ways to improve for next time around is to add a preloader, not to set this video on a loop, and to make a music video that doesn't looks like a rip off of a youtube video. Use your own content, the purpose of posting on newgrounds is to please your fans with original, well done content. If you do bad, well expect a mix of constructive criticizim and harsh words from the community. Do something you are inspired by, not when your bored silly.

Openers Openers

Rated 2 / 5 stars

needs improvement

Making a show on newgrounds is a pretty big project, one that I feel like you may need some collaborations with. Like some reviews here suggested, a preloader, practice, and a particularly interesting art style will help you in the long run. Newgrounds is home to professional flash artists and animators so they may expect more from your show than you can handle. Do some research here on this site and gain some inspiration from other things you see and watch. Have a good day.

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