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pee-man the game is wicked

2010-11-14 06:45:40 by GlaDosthecake

I managed to get all the medals in 2 runs, but I couldn't fry the fish on the second :( aw well.

While I'm working on the zombie animation, I will be practicing with small side projects. Ranging from comedy to action, my projects will be carried out in a variety of goody bags. Once more, leave me a comment for me to read. Thank you

I have been doing art since I was a child, and I hope to improve along in the years to come. I am working on a cartoon short in flash, and I will take my time to complete it. I'd hate to rush through and be sloppy and sh!tty like. Not like anyone will read this, but if you do, thank you. Leave a comment for me to read, I enjoy reading your opinions.